The McDonalds Massacre

On July 18, 1984, Chaos went down at a local McDonalds in San Ysidro, California USA. On July 15 James Huberty said to his wife Etna that he had a mental problem. Two days later on July 17 James Huberty requested for an appointment at the San Diego Mental Health Clinic, but he never got to the appointment. On July 18, Huberty his wife and his children went to the San Diego Zoo. When they went home James said to his wife “I would like to kiss you goodbye” Etna was curious and asked where he was going, he calmly responded with “Im going hunting…hunting for humans.”

Holding a gun across his shoulder Huberty turned to his daughter Zelia and said “goodbye, I wont be back.” At around 4 o’clock on July 18, he pulled into the McDonalds parking lot in his Mercury Marquis heavily armed. The guns he was carrying included a 9MM Browning HP Semi-Automatic Pistol, a 9MM Uzi Carbine, a Winchester 1200 12-Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun and a box filled with hundreds of rounds. A total of 45 customers were in the McDonalds.  When he walked in he immediately aimed at 16-year old worker John Arnold, Guillermo Flores an assistant manager yelled at John Arnold that Huberty was going to shoot him. Neva Caine the manager of the restaurant walked toward Arnold. quickly after Huberty aimed and shot Caine under the left eye with the Uzi.

After Huberty had shot Caine he pulled out the shotgun and shot Arnold in the chest injuring him.  He then yelled for everyone to get on the ground, yelled racial slurs and said that he killed a thousand and would kill a thousand more. 25-year old Victor Riviera told Huberty not to shoot anymore, he proceeded to yell shut up repeatedly whilst shooting Riviera fourteen times. He then shot six women, 62-year old Laurence Verslius, Two young boys, three young ladies and more. Calls to the police started to go to the police right after 4 o’clock.

SWAT members and 175 police started to surround the scene shortly after 4. Huberty didn’t see the police, so he walked to the counter, turned on the radio and started dancing. He then walked to the back and saw more people, and said ”OHHH, theres more, your hiding from me.” After shooting the people in the back Huberty went to the front where he eventually got shot by 27-year old SWAT sniper Charles Foster in the chest, which killed him almost instantly. The scene lasted for 77 minutes. In total 21 people were killed and wounded 19 others.

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